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Cryli-Tek ® 5505 is an advanced, high performance, industrial strength, decorative sealer that provides an enhanced surface appearance. This unique formula leaves the surface with a high gloss shine and clear, non-yellowing finish. Cryli-Tek ® 5505 is specially formulated to seal decorative and residential concrete while enhancing the color of stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and colored concrete pavers; giving these surfaces a deeper, richer appearance. Cryli-Tek ® 5505 gives concrete a high gloss finish that highlights the color and texture of surfaces. This product has an extremely fast set time and an unsurpassed stain resistance. The treated surfaces will resist chipping, flaking, delamination and breakdown with UV light exposure.


  • Driveways, patios, pavers, stamped concrete
  • Dyed, stained or colored concrete
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Natural and artificial stone

For a water based, VOC compliant, satin/matte finish use Cryli-Tek ® 5500.

BENEFITS:decorative sealer for pavers, concrete

  • Effectively seals brick, pavers and stamped concrete against the ingress of water.
  • Provides high chloride screening capabilities, suitable for protecting all but high traffic surfaces in salt exposed conditions.
  • Extremely resistant to weathering effects and provides a uniform and easy to clean surface.
  • Provides resistance to carbonation and a wide range of weak acids and alkaline solutions.
  • Aesthetically enhances and protects concrete and masonry subject to normal hydrothermal (non crack inducing) movement.
  • Durable high gloss finish.
  • Inter-coat adhesion allows for easy repair and simple recoating after cleaning.
  • Clear decorative properties for stone/concrete and exposed aggregate.
  • Wind erosion and general exposure resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • Reduction of dirt pick-up.
  • Protection against of micro-organism growth.
  • Supplied ready to use.
  • Easy to apply.



Color: Clear
Finish: High gloss shine
Coverage: Up to 200 sq.ft per gallon
VOC’s: 250 g/L


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