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KING PERMASAND (available in grey or brown)
A quick setting polymer modified sand designed for filling joints of interlock pavers and slabs. Starts bonding when sprayed with a fine mist of water. Will work at above freezing temperatures (0oC or 32oF). It can be installed if rain is forecasted for 3 hours after installation. Resistant to erosion, weeds and insects.

NOTE: Ensure the sand is properly swept into the joints prior to misting. Once the sand sets ... it is very difficult to remove. Do not apply to damp or wet stone. It will harden immediately!
Perma Sand
EnviroBOND – Sand (available in natural and granite)
EnviroBOND STABILIZED JOINT SAND combines a blend of high grade angular joint sand with an ORGANIC-LOCK for joint lock-up in segmental pavement systems. Eg. Interlocking stone or natural cobble stone. When activated by wayer, ORGANIC-LOCK forms an adhesive gel, bonding sand particles together. Self healing, allowing segmental systems to remain segmental. Covers 90-100 square feet on tight joint pavers and 60 -80 square feet on tumbled pavers. Allow 24 hours to set and use in dry conditions.

Enviro Bond
One piece system does it all: straight, curved and even a complete radius without waste. An 8' piece transports easily and requires no extra connectors. Patented snap and spike together ends for a secure connection and extra support. Rugged injection molded plastic ensures the strongest edge designed for commercial, vehicular, and patio/walkway applications. Can be installed before or after the pavers have been laid. Easy to install with common 8"- 12" landscape spikes. Convenient and efficient packaging.
Snap Edge

Available in a 3’X100’ roll or 6’3”X360’ roll
Landscape fabrics permit air and water movement into the soil; help control weeds; and help maintain even soil temperatures. Landscape fabrics are practical and may be used for large areas such as: shrub and ornamental flower beds where there is definite spacing between plants - for instance, ornamental grasses, daylilies and Rudbeckia that are not expected to spread; around trees; under stone sidewalks; under decks; behind retaining walls; and under large expanses of stone and mulch-decorated natural areas where the intention is to achieve a "Japanese garden sort of look."

Faceal Oleo HD is a water based impregnation for absorbent mineral surfaces. It helps assists the cleaning of chewing gum, ice, algae. It is suitable for horizontal or vertical surfaces. Faceal Oleo is resistant to mechanical abrasion. It is a long term, durable protection ideal for garage doors, warehouse floors, sidewalks, and other surfaces.
Note: Faceal Oleo HD does not change the water vapour diffusion characteristics of the treated substrate and is normally indiscernible to the eye.
Faceal Oleo
PSS 20
PSS 20 is a graffiti protection application made from vegetable polysaccharides and water for vertical surfaces. The graffiti is removed with hot water and pressure adjusted for the type of structure. It is completely non-toxic to humans, animals or the environment. It is particularly suitable for natural stone, artificial stone, concrete and non-porous surfaces.
Citrus Oil Degreaser 1 litre
STONESAVER Citrus Oil Degreaser for Paving Stones and Concrete is a unique blend of concentrated citrus extracts (oils of orange, lemon, lime etc.) and emulsifiers making it one of the most effective oil and grease stain removers available. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.
Stone Saver
Rust Cleaner 1 litre
STONESAVER Rust Cleaner for Paving Stones and Concrete will quickly and effectively remove rust stains with minimal etching or discoloration to the surface. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.
Rust Cleaner
Stripper 500 ml
STONESAVER Stripper is a fast and effective way to remove paint, tar, rubber or chewing gum from concrete, masonry, metal, aluminum and wood surfaces. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.
Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep 1 litre
STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep for Paving Stones and Concrete is formulated to remove efflorescence (white salt deposits), dirt and tire marks from your paving stone and any concrete surface.Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep contains no muriatic or hydrochloric acids which can damage concrete surfaces. The proper removal of dirt and efflorescence is imperative to ensure sealer to surface bonding and enhance the surface colour prior to sealer application. COVERAGE: 1 litre (1 Quart) covers a maximum 27 sq. m. (300 - 350 sq. ft.)
Concrete Cleaner and Surface Prep
Paving Stone Sealer 3.78 Litre or 18.9 Litre
STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer provides the best possible protection for your paving stones and exposed aggregate concrete against harsh pool chemicals, colour fading from UV rays, dirt, salt, grease, oil and rust stain penetration. Paving Stone Sealer protects new surfaces and makes old stones look new again with enhanced colors. COVERAGE: 3.78 litres / 1 Gallon covers approximately 12 to 14 sq. m. (125 to 150 sq. ft - Per Coat).
Paving Stone Sealer
Concrete Sealer - Stamped, Patterened or slab, plain or coloured concrete 3.78 Litre or 18.9 Litre
STONESAVER Concrete Sealer protects your concrete against harsh pool chemicals, colour fading UV rays, dirt, salt, grease, oil and rust stain penetration. Concrete Sealer protects new surfaces and makes old concrete look new again with dramatically enhanced colors. STONESAVER Concrete Sealer will darken white slab concrete. COVERAGE: 3.78 litres / 1 gallon covers approximately 14 to 18 sq. m. (150 to 200 sq. ft - Per Coat).
Concrete Sealer
Penetrating Low Gloss Sealer 3.78 Litre or 18.9 Litre
STONESAVER Penetrating Low Gloss Sealer is a slow drying, deep penetrating acrylic polymer based sealer that provides most of its protection from inside the concrete rather than on the surface. This results in a low gloss finish with non slip benefits. Ideal for areas where non slip is a concern, such as residents occupied by the elderly, pool decks, high slope surfaces, tumbled stone and *unsealed patterned concrete surfaces which tend to have poor absorbency. COVERAGE: 3.78 litres / 1 Gallon covers approximately 9 to 11 sq. m. (100 to 120 sq. ft - Per Coat).
Penetrating Low Gloss Sealer


It is a whitish powder like deposit which often appears on concrete and clay products. This deposit is a residue of a soluble salt carried to the surface of the pavement or wall by evaporating moisture, which leaves a dry powder or calcified deposit upon drying. A phenomenon reported as early as the 1870's, efflorescence in itself, does not affect the structural integrity of the substrate. Efflorescence usually rises after installation as a powdery substance but can also form harder patches of calcium carbonate during the manufacturing process. The later being more difficult to remove. Hard, definitive white lines or patches (some appear to have a slight bluish tinge) on paving stones must not be confused with efflorescence. These residues are "lime" and often can not be removed at all or at least without substantial damage to the substrate. These pavers should be changed for aesthetic purposes


Most efflorescence can only be removed with acidic solutions (such as acid rain over extended periods of time, or acidic based efflorescence cleaners). Although most efflorescence will dissipate with a few years of acid rainfall, STONESAVER does not recommend waiting for this to occur before applying a protective sealer. During this extended waiting period, the Pavement or walls could be damaged by staining, acidic etching, freeze-thaw cycles, pitting, spalling, traffic wear and color fading. STONESAVER recommends a minimum 60 day waiting period ("longer" if dry weather exists) after wall or pavement installation, to allow for the majority of efflorescence to surface, prior to product application


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